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About Us

People always ask us, “How did the idea of building a town come into your mind?”.
Well, I will tell you.

We have a large family and many friends and always travel together to various parts of the world. We have rented large homes, taken cruises, and stayed at all-inclusive resorts. We own a ranch in East Texas, and we wanted a guest house for visitors and family to use while visiting the ranch. Building one single building guest house puts all the friends or family under the same roof with limited independence. Maybe we didn’t want all the guests to hear one of our many grandbabies crying at night.

Maybe we should keep an area (saloon) isolated for the louder up-late folks in the family? Maybe a cool-themed old-west town with great amenities would be better than a simple guest house?
We decided to build a guest house town on a 10-acre track on our ranch so people would have more independence and privacy, and it’s very cool.
Much better in person than in pictures.

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