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If you have more questions that need to be answered, please send us a message, and we will get you the answer. We will also add your question to this list.

Do I need to pack anything out of the normal when I stay in the town?
Nope, just your clothes and what you want to cook or drink. If you want the town stocked with your food or drinks prior to your arrival, we can take care of it.

How far away is the closest “real town” for groceries or restaurants?
There are three towns (all in different directions) about 18 miles away.

Is the Town very secluded?
Yes, the town is on 10 acres of our ranch, and it’s very quiet and peaceful. The ranch owners live on the property, so you will always have a resource for questions or concerns.

Can a guest bring a firearm to the town?
No, guests cannot bring firearms onto the property.

Is there fishing close by?
Yes, we have large lakes close by, and there are ponds on the ranch.

Is there an outdoor grill for guests to use?
Yes, there are two large gas grills, one flatiron grill, and one wood pallet grill located in the OK Corral. We provide gas and pellets so don’t think you need to pack them during your stay.

Are there guest rules for the town?
Yes, there are rules that guests will need to adhere to. If you have never slept in the country, you will find that noise does travel far at night. There are other ranchers in the area, and we want to respect everyone here in the country.

Are there any baby beds in the town?
Yes, we have two portable pack-and-play cribs (always with clean bedding) and two bumbo seats.


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